Keep Ya’ Head Up-2Pac


Showed so promising, he was destined to become the leader of the ghetto youth, but fate prevented him from becoming one. After a failed attempt on him in November of 1994-an incident which sparked the West East feud-2Pac breathed his last on September 13, 1996 in Las Vegas at the age of only 25 after being shot in the middle of the street on September 7, 1996. Continue reading


Eric B. & Rakim-Paid In Full

While reading some stuff online about when hip hop meant something, i came across this post about the hip hop duo Rakim and the DJ Eric B. and i couldn’t agree more. Rakim is considered as one of the best lyricists in the hip hop industry and without doubt this title is rightfully his. His delivery and style were something new at the time since Rakim’s voice sounded deep and serious, creating thus a synergy with his lyrics which were down to business. Continue reading

The Message-1st Song To Speak Out

The year was 1982, some 34 years ago when Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five released The Message. Up until then hip hop was about the beat, the rhythm, and the flashy dancefloor moves with lyrics like “I said a hip hop hippy, hippy to the hip hip hop you don’t stop the rock” by The Sugarhill Gang in 1979.  Hip hop crews of the time were focusing on the fun someone can have, excluding explicit lyrics and the hardships of living in the ghetto. Continue reading