N.W.A-Fuck The Police


Top right to left: Dr. Dre, Dj Yella, Ice Cube, Eazy E, MC Ren

As I mentioned in the previous post,  police harassment  was at  peak in the hood and a major source of inspiration for songs dissing the police.

There are many songs that target the police, like KRS’s “Sound of the Police,” Geto Boys’ “G Code,” and Big L’s (Rest In Peace as MC Guru would say), “The Enemy,” but none of these songs is as brutal and hostile lyrically towards the 5-0 as “Fuck The Police” is. Click here for the lyrics.

The song fueled much controversy and the police would have the group not to perform the particular song during live performances. And they did so for a long time, until, in Detroit, N.W.A had had enough on the government imposing on them what to say and what not to say. (You can find a detailed article about the song’s controversy here.

Their decision showed that hip hop meant something to them, that despite the government’s efforts to gag them, they had the courage do go on and sing it. The specific act declared that freedom of choice is a constitutional right and it should apply to everybody, regardless of race, gender, and most importantly content of the message. Respect to N.W.A.

A fellow blogger said that old rappers do not speak their minds of fear of being called irrelevant and being left out of the game by big music corporations. This is so true, but when hip hop meant something, rappers spoke their own minds despite the repercussions they would face. It is perfectly pictured in N.W.A’s case where they disregarded the consequences and went on performing “Fuck The Police” live in Detroit with police officers being present!


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