On and On-Shyheim



Shyheim, the Wu Tang affiliate was only 14 years old when the hit single was released back in 1994. Being raised in the rough neighborhoods of New York, Shy speaks of his daily experiences in the streets of NY, and his routine was far from good. And how can it be, when all you witness is murder, drug dealing, and prostitution?

My favorite verse from the song is this: Times is gettin’ hard, word is bond I swear God. I even got caught tryin’ to steal from the junkyard. A born terror, a rebel without a pause, ain’t never had a good Christmas so who is Santa Claus. Full lyrics here.


Shyheim in “On and On”

Guys, the days when hip hop meant something are far from over. The type of hip hop which reflected reality and expressed pain and hardships. The type of which you could identify yourself with to a certain degree because there were feelings in those songs that talked to the human dimension and do not glamorize the spiritually superficial material wealth like the new kind of hip hop does. I firmly believe that hip hop, the one i adore, has died out long ago. It happened when marketers took that art form out of the hood and brought it to the studio in an attempt to seize the fast-growing target group.

Nonetheless that’s my opinion. Tell me yours!

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