Black Superman-Above The Law


Back when hip hop meant something, in the golden era of West Coast hip hop, Above The Law released this superb single in 1994. Thanks to a fellow blogger i got some information on the group.

Its rhythmic style is West Coast gangsta-like, with heavy use of synthesizer and a strong bass beat (I think you know what i am talking about).

I’m not going to stand that much on the first verse of the song, delivered by KM.G but rather on the second by Hutch aka Cold 187 um. Here are the full lyrics.




Big Hutch aka Cold 187 um

Hutch nailed this one by showing his sheer determination to make enough money from grinding on the streets and take his mother out of the welfare program; relieve her from poverty and humiliation. He is willing to take any risk to do that, including jail time. Why? Because as he explains in the song: “Because y’all motherfuckers just don’t care. Uh, you really wanna know why I sold scum (drugs)? Because my mama to me comes number one. Now you sucker motherfuckers don’t understand. But to my mama, I’m her real black superman.”

The song overall shows the lack of opportunities in the ghetto back then, and what means people had to use in order to survive economically. That’s why hip hop meant something. Because it had something to say, a story. A story of struggle which could only be alleviated through delinquent behavior, because that was the only way in the hood.

Check it out. It’s fine hip hop!


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